Anjum Khanna Ayurveda & Covid-19

Anjum Khanna ayurveda and covid-19
Anjum Khanna ayurveda and covid-19

Anjum Khanna – So everyone knows the times we are going through because everyone is suffering because of it. Whether it be the rich or the poor, the strong or weak, and even the people from different countries belonging to different races all of them are in unrest. The COVID pandemic has created worldwide panic and has caused so many deaths all over the world. This global threat to humanity has many people questioning many things not to mention the number of rumours spreading around like wildfire. This panic has people questioning many things which include all the existing medicines and therapies. People are trying to figure out what can help beat or at least try to minimize the effects of the Coronavirus. But people in this country are forgetting the very root of medics which has led to the inventions of many more medicines henceforth.

According to Anjum Khanna, Ayurveda has always been something that has nurtured the people of this country ever since its inception. Ayurveda is treating various ailments only through natural means. It ensures that the treatment remains as organic as possible. Even though the artificially made medicines do work but these can cause many side effects due to the presence of chemicals. But the Ayurveda remedies are only made with plants, something that is the creation of the earth itself hence it has little to no side effects.

People who truly believe in the effectiveness of Ayurveda to fight corona are the staff at the Anjum Khanna clinic. The Anjum Khanna Healthy Ayurveda Clinic, Panchkarma Centre, Ayurveda Pharmacy came into existence in the year 1998, by committed, dedicated, and experienced professionals in the field of Ayurveda. This clinic is situated in Srinagar (Main Market) Khayam Chawk, Munawarabad. The reason why this clinic is situated in Srinagar is nature’s beauty and abundance of plants and herbs. This makes it a perfect place for Ayurvedic treatment. Many patients from all across the world come to visit our clinic. Our Ayurvedic clinic faces a rigorous fifty-point inspection which includes customer reviews, history, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence.

Question – How can something as old of a process as Ayurveda can heal or help fight against something like COVID-19?

Answer – Some of you may have heard that this virus is very different from the other viruses that have created a pandemic before. It’s different in the way it spreads, it’s different in strength, and it’s different in its persistency and after-effects. This was something that confused a lot of modern-day scientists and doctors all over the world. It took them so long to figure out how the virus even spread. Although Ayurveda is not an antidote to the virus it can help fight off the germs and increase metabolism naturally.

Question What remedies can be adopted to fight off or minimize the impact of the Coronavirus?

Answer – Many Ayurvedic tricks out there will help increase the strength of your immune system which can help repel the virus even if it enters your body somehow. Some simple herbal remedies can clear our throat and respiratory system. Since one of the main symptoms of this virus is cough and cold added with a difficulty in breathing. If we can keep our wind passage clear by having some natural medics then we can prevent our body from growing weak. 

QuestionWhat are the ingredients that can be used for this remedy and are they easily available?

Answer – The ingredients which can be used to cure or defend common-cold are- talisadi, abhrak bhasma, and mahasudarshan churna. These herbs not only prevent common-cold and clear the respiratory system but also strengthen the body as well. You can add these ingredients to the tea that you drink every morning. This will add a really rich flavour to the tea. Hence you can maintain good health in a tasty way! Some of these ingredients can be found at home or can be found in any Ayurvedic shop. We have an abundance of all different kinds of herbs that are used to treat the visitors.

QuestionWhat if people are unable to find these herbs in their locality? Are these homemade remedies the only way?

Answer– There are off course more Ayurvedic treatments than just these remedies which can help fight off the virus. These herbal home remedies are only suggested since during this pandemic everyone is instructed to stay at home and come out only when necessary. However, if you can come to Anjum Khanna clinic while maintaining all the safety measures and protocols then you will be treated with the most well-known detoxification cycle of Ayurved And Panchkarma. This treatment usually incorporates five common strategies (that’s why its name has the word “Panch” which is five in Sanskrit) for purgation or disposal, seriously detoxifying the body while adjusting the three “Doshas” – Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. It’s done with the assistance of cured oils.

QuestionWhat are the benefits of Panchakarma?

Answer– The benefits of Panchakarma are:

  • Increase in digestive fire
  • Disease is alleviated
  • Health is restored and maintained
  • All sense organs work properly
  • Increases strength
  • Not only healthy but also relaxing

Question What if we can’t avail of the services by the clinic or even make the home-made recipes?

Answer- If you are unable to do any of the above-mentioned processes then you should stay at your home and eat only home-made food. Don’t eat food from restaurants or any fast food café. Don’t drink iced beverages or eat yogurt, cheese, and ice-cream. Make sure to do yoga (especially Surya Namaskar) daily to maintain health and metabolism.

All though the world is in shambles we should keep our calm and indulge in Ayurveda as much as we can to keep ourselves from getting infected. Stay safe and healthy. Anjum Khanna believes, ”Science of yoga and ayurveda is subtler than the science of medicine, because science of medicine is often a victim of statistical manipulation.

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