Anjum Khanna – Weight Gain Ayurvedic Treatment

Anjum Khanna - Weight Gain Ayurvedic Treatment

Anjum Khanna – The study estimates that 8.8 percent of men and 9.7 percent of women are underweight, defined by a BMI of under 18.5. Sometimes Being underweight is not good for your health. Find out what you can do if you’re concerned about yourself or someone else. Also there are some people who eat alot but can’t gain weight. Being underweight can be just as bad for your health as being obese and being skinny may lead to suffering from many health related issues.

What is the best way to determine if someone is underweight?

You can measure your weight by using body mass index (BMI).Use this BMI calculator to see where you fit on the BMI scale (opens in a new tab).

BMI Categories:

Underweight = <18.5

Normal weight = 18.5–24.9

Overweight = 25–29.9

Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

If your BMI comes below 18.5, then you’re coming in the Underweight category but Some people are naturally very skinny but still healthy. Being underweight according to this scale does not necessarily mean that you have a health problem. Being underweight is about 2–3 times more common among girls and women, compared to men. Research says that With 102 million men and 101 million women underweight, India leads the world in being home to over 40% of the global underweight Population.

Risks of being underweight explained by Anjum Khanna,

Osteoporosis – As per a recent report, being underweight expands a lady’s risk of osteoporosis, which is the place where the bones are fragile and more inclined to breaking. 

Skin, hair, or teeth issues –  If the person doesn’t get enough supplements in their every day diet, they may show actual side effects, for example, diminishing skin, balding, dry skin, or helpless dental wellbeing. 

Getting sick frequently –  If the person doesn’t get sufficient energy from their eating routine to keep a solid body weight, they may likewise not be getting enough supplements to ward off contaminations. Thus, an individual may become ill much more of the time, and regular ailments, for example, a cold, can last more than they normally would. 

Feeling tired constantly – Calories are an estimation of the energy a specific food can give an individual. Not getting enough calories to keep a solid weight can cause an individual to feel exhausted. 

Anemia – An individual who is underweight is bound to have low blood tallies, known as frailty, which causes discombobulation, migraines, and weakness. 

Irregular periods – Ladies who are underweight might not have ordinary periods, they may discover feminine cycle stops, or a juvenile’s first period might be postponed or missing. Sporadic or missing periods can cause barrenness. 

Premature births – As per an examination distributed in An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a lady who is pregnant and underweight is at a higher danger for preterm work, which means having a child before 37 weeks. 

Slow or impaired growth – Youngsters need supplements to develop constantly solid bones. Being underweight and not getting enough calories could mean an individual may not create true form. Specialists consider this a ‘inability to flourish.’

Ayurveda Treatment

Anjum Khanna lists down some tips that Ayurveda suggests in order to gain weight in a healthy way,

  • Include soybean in your eating routine. Soy is high in protein and is great on the off chance that you are a veggie-lover searching for great wellsprings of protein. Eat a natural product or drink new natural product juice, if conceivable consistently or if nothing else three times each week. On the off chance that your eating routine incorporates non-veggie lover food sources, you can add any meat of your choice two times every week. 
  • Incorporate more curd, ghee, milk, sugarcane, rice, dark gram and wheat in your every day diet. These are generally useful for putting on weight in a sound way. 
  • Putting on weight doesn’t mean you don’t need to work out. To put on weight soundly, one should practice consistently to permit the body to use the food you have burned-through and further keep your hunger solid. 
  • Little amounts of flavors, for example, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, cardamom, clove and dark pepper in your eating routine assistance in animating your hunger. 
  • Rest soundly around evening time. Get at any rate eight hours of appropriate rest. Keep away from interruptions prior to hitting the sack, similar to cell phones or PCs. Drink a glass of cow’s milk with a touch of turmeric for a sound rest. 
  • Eat at an ordinary speed, neither excessively quick, nor excessively lethargic. Eating at a typical speed animates the salivary organs, which helps assimilation. 
  • Try not to stare at the TV, utilize your cell phone or read while you are eating. Eat effectively and permit your body to be occupied with the demonstration of eating. 
  • Pick a clean and clamor free climate to have your dinners. 
  • Try not to drink a ton of water previously or after suppers. You may take little tastes during dinners in the event that you need. In winters, you can taste tepid water during dinners. 
  • Kneading the body with sesame oil permits the muscles and unresolved issues solid. It additionally advances blood course which will convey supplements to all pieces of your body.

Home remedies to gain weight

  • Take equivalent sums (50 grams) of figs, almonds, dates and raisins. Add 100 grams of gul (sugarcane jaggery). Saute it in cow’s ghee until it takes a jam like consistency. Eat this twice every day, after dinners. 
  • 3 – 5 grams of Ashwagandha and Shatavari powder taken each day and night with milk will help you put on weight.

About Anjum Khanna

Anjum Khanna is an expert in Ayurveda. Anjum Khanna has a deep knowledge of curing all types of chronic diseases, particularly in neuromuscular diseases, joint disorders, disc prolapse, skin diseases and lung, intestine, liver and kidney diseases, Obesity treatment, infertility treatment, Suvarnaprashan for children, Treatments for Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis,  Joint ailments of all types, Spondylosis, Paralysis treatment, Gynecological problems, Ayurvedic antenatal care, postnatal care, diet counselling, lifestyle disorders like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension. Piles, fissure treatment, are carried out.

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