Anjum Khanna Ayurvedic Consultant Shows How Ayurveda Could Help Indians To Recover From COVID-19

Anjum Khanna Ayurvedic Consultant Shows How Ayurveda Could Help Indians to Recover From COVID-19
Anjum Khanna Ayurvedic Consultant Shows How Ayurveda Could Help Indians to Recover From COVID-19

As always, Ayurveda has come to the rescue of Indians dealing with the direct and indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ayurvedic Consultants like Anjum Khanna have been instrumental in propagating the health benefits as per Ayurveda to people looking to safeguard themselves and their families against the Coronavirus. What has boosted the public faith in ancient healthcare is the fact that India’s recovery rate is among the best in the world. The Union Health Ministry recently revealed that the national COVID-19 recovery rate for India was 96.04 per cent. This was mainly applicable for patients with mild symptoms, who were able to make a speedier recovery.

Anjum Khanna is an Ayurvedic Consultant with a decade-long experience in practicing this alternative medicine. Talking about the self-care measures prescribed by Ayurveda, Anjum Khanna says equivocally, “Daily practices like drinking warm water regularly, practicing Yoga daily, meditating for at least 30 minutes every day, were really beneficial practices to follow. Besides, regular and sufficient use of spices like Haldi, Jeera, Dhaniya and Lehsun (turmeric, Cumin, Coriander and Garlic) in your cooked food also enhances your immune power.”

Drinking ‘Kadha’ or a herbal concoction daily also boosts your immunity, as prescribed by several experienced Ayurveda consultants. This Kadha is a herbal concoction prepared usually with Tulsi (Basil), Dalchini (Cinnamon), Kali Mirch (Black Pepper), Shunthi (Dry Ginger) and Munakka (Raisin). Ayurveda consultants often advice adding a bit of jaggery or fresh lemon juice to make the Kadha more palatable!

Turmeric’s antiseptic benefits are world-renowned and though the Western world started having its ‘turmeric lattes’ quite late, Indians have been reaping the health benefits of the quintessential ‘Haldi-doodh’ (turmeric in warm milk) for centuries. Then there is the “Chyawanprash”, just one teaspoon of it is enough to prevent a variety of health issues.

Ayurveda procedures like nasal treatment or oil-pulling therapy works wonders to keep your body fit and immune against the onset of diseases.

According to Anjum Khanna, the most significant aspect of encountering COVID-19 is to recover in a healthy manner. Thus, post-COVID care is as important as the treatment itself. Proper rest, physical isolation, a nutritious diet, simple exercises, and regular check-ups are an important aspect of helping the body regain normalcy after facing the virus.

Whether it is drinking Haldi-doodh, Kadha, using ginger/garlic/turmeric in cooking food or practicing Yoga, Indians are known to follow Ayurveda in every aspect of life, knowingly or unknowingly. The COVID-19 Pandemic only made us realize the importance of following Ayurveda practices in a more proactive manner.

Anjum Khanna is an Ayurvedic Consultant comes with experience of 10 years of practicing Ayurveda and alternative medicine having its corporate office in Bawana Industrial Area, Delhi and also its distribution & sales office in Bangalore.