Anjum Khanna Ayurveda: Panchkarma

According to Anjum Khanna, Panchakarma is the most well known detoxification cycle of Ayurveda, reestablishing youth with the assistance of cured oils. This exceptional treatment of sedated oil back rub and natural cures was endorsed in antiquated Vedic sacred text, and has been rehearsed in Kerala for a long time, as per the incredible works of the ‘Charaka Samhita’. Panchakarma and Shirodhara are the main treatments in Indian Ayurveda; considering the degree of extraordinary detoxification they give, it isn’t hard to get why. 

Panchakarma incorporates five common strategies for purgation or disposal, giving the body a seriously detoxifying body, while adjusting the three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Panchakarma is a specific task to be executed under the management of an Ayurvedic master. It infers some limitation to be seen by the patient and furthermore some leisure time to be committed only. For this reason, one ought to follow the technique entirely heartedly completely respecting it. Every system is separated into three sections:

  •  Pre procedure (Purva Karma) Pre operative.
  •  Main procedure (Pradhana Karma) operative.
  •  Post procedure (Paschat Karma) post operative.

Pre Procedure (Purva Karma) Pre Operative:

Some Things required before surgery. A surgeon intending to perform any of the above operations should collect the following things beforehand :

  • Blunt and sharp instruments,
  • Caustics, 
  • Fire cautery,
  • Probes 
  • Horn
  • Leeches,
  • Gourd 
  • Jambavantha
  • Swab gauge,
  • Suture and ligature materials,
  • (Medicinal) leaves,
  • Honey,
  • Ghrta,
  • Lard,
  • Milk,
  • Oil 
  • Nourishing liquids,
  • Decoctions,
  • Ointments, 
  • Pastes,
  • Fans
  • Cold and hot water,
  • Bowls, etc. 
  • Also arrange for the nursing and ancillary staff who should be affectionate, steady and strong.  

Main procedure (Pradhana Karma) operative:

The following 8 main surgical procedures should be carried out as per the requirement of the surgical treatment of the disease. They are:

  • Excision,
  • incision, 
  • scraping,
  • puncturing,
  • probing,
  • extraction, 
  • drainage and 
  • suturing.    

Post procedure (Paschat Karma) post operative:

After providing the protective measures, the patient should be taken to the ward for post-operative instructions.

Our Specialities:

  • Intensive Panchakarma theaters
  • Separate male and female Panchakarma theaters
  • Experienced, Obedient, Polite and clean assistants and massagist
  • Counseling for seasonal purification
  • Cosmetic treatments unit.
  • Osteoarthritis specialized Panchakarma management
  • Skin diseases with jPanchakarma Management

Benefits of Panchakarma

  • Digestive fire increases
  • Diseases are alleviated
  • Health is restored & maintained
  • All sense organs functions properly
  • Mind & intellect work properly
  • Colour of skin improves
  • Strength increases
  • Person becomes capable of getting good progeny
  • Ageing process is delayed
  • The person enjoys disease free healthy life.

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